A Cappella made in Italy:  Two CD compilation of  a cappella   songs. Some of the best Italian a  cappella  groups sing  a selection of  their own songs.   L'Una e Cinque is   present with  Torurdion and Les  Osieaux qu 'n  mete en cage in the  first volume, and with "Que rest and  de nos amour " and  "Inno del  congedo"  in the second.   
CD & Compilation e CINQUE L’UNA
“The Renaissance Project” An album  entirely dedicated to the  European musical ferment of the XV  Century. From Giovan Giacomo  Gastoldi to Orlando dif Lasso, from  Pierre Passerau to John Dowland. A  collection of famous '500 songs of five  different european countries. Italy is  represented from a famous song in the  traditional repertoire:" Il testamento del  capitano" The lyrics was written in the  '900 but the music in the renaissance  period. The album has been  introduced to the MIDEM 2005 and is  distributed in Japan by AreaB. It was qualified  "record of the month"  by the japaneese magazine "Record  Geijutsu".   
Gospel Explosion:  tit was produced  on the occasion of  the 2000 Gospel Jubilee Festival. It is  a compilation featuring groups with  different types of repertoire. L'Una e  Cinque is  present with "GIve me that  old time religion". Tavagnasco Rock '97: Among the various rock formations is  pop, L'Una e Cinque is present with   a version of Mercy Mercy Mercy by J.  Zawinul.   
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1998: The first  album:  This CD collects the essence and enthusiasm of the early years of the L'Una e  Cinque project. The major parts of the tracks are jazz songs;  it include also an a  cappella  version of "Se stasera sono qui" a well known italian song by Luigi Tenco  and "Chi la gagliarda donne vo imparare"  a classic profane song  of '1500. 
“Spirit, Strenght and Love” " is the title of the new album. This is a "concept album", a collection of songs written by  contemporary composers and arrangers, a work that has taken a few years of preparation and production, setting up a  own home studio where record regularly. The cover is a painting by Alberto Maria Giardina: "The Stroh violin ", inspired  by the songs of the album and the history of the L’Una e Cinque project.  Delivery is scheduled  on 2018.