L'Una e Cinque is an Italian group of vocalists from Turin formed in December 1995 by Marco Andrioletti. We have a variety of artistic backgrounds, but we are united by a common interests for choruses and vocal music. Our concerts are  a cappella and our repertoire programs  includes  classic vocal arrangements of the 1500’s, Jazz, Spirituals,  pieces and italian traditional songs and off course Christmas Traditionals in Christmas time. In 2010 we have released "The Renaissance Project", an album devoted to the European Renaissance, with songs revisited with modern vocals.  A new album titled "Spirt, Strenght and Love" is currently being finalized, which  includes songs written by contemporary composers.  The cover will be "The Stroh violin"  by the painter  Alberto Maria Giardina. Take a look of our video, pictures in concert and listen ours Mp3 trials.  Thank you for visiting our web site!
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