Biography e CINQUE L’UNA

Contest and prizes

- 1997 -1st  classified to the TIM (International contest  of   Music) for the Jazz category and the third classified among  all the  categories (over 3000 participants all over the world  divided in 13 music/instrument categories); – 1999-“Lario Prize in Music" ;  I° Classified  at the " VI  Contest of musical execution – “ - 2000 it achieves the “diploma of honour”  to the  International Tournament of the Music for the section “Light  Music” performing a song of own composition:  Canzone Unica (A. Ravizza-M.Andrioletti). -2000 I° classified to the contest" The  New Frontiers of the  Vocal Polyphony"  in Varese -2007  “Voceania” (Rome) prize. - 2011: the "Gospel Jubille Award” (Turin) prize


Ihe group has  worked with the S. Filippo Associated Artists  Theatre Group, taking part in several theatrical productions.   They have also worked in special project singing not only a  cappella: -for contemporanean  music,  with the italian composers Claudio  Mantovani (Pulchra Margarita)  and Stefano Maccagno (Libertà  1942); with the latvian composer Ugis Praulins (Credo).  -in Pop and Italian music genres, they have recorded  songs:   "C'era una volta il te" (M. Andrioletti- G. Savia) and   "Canzone Unica" (M. Andrioletti- A. Ravizza)   by producing  music, lyrics, arrangements and studio programming;  La faccia del gatto  (Andrea Casamento A&A recordings).   The have sang the choirs for  “Marco Polo” cartoon, composed  and produced by Mauro Bouvet fort the Lastregò&Testa cartoons  production.


From the' 98 ” L’Una e Cinque take a part of many   music calendars and events in all the main Italian  cities. They have been invited for concert in France  (Saint Martin de Crau, Berre the Etang, Saint Remy de  Provence) ; in Germany  (Bonn, Dortmund).   .Company Conventions: Mercedes (Sassuolo 2005);  Comdata s.p.a. (Asti 2006),  Bocconi University (2011),  Cattolica University  (2011) Expert Group (2011).   Workshop: Educational programs: Starting from the 1999,  they produce specific   seminar/workshops  on  vocal and choir interpretation,  addressed to the schools or music schools    

Radio and  Television

TV:  -Performance on local and national TV stations: Rai Uno –  Rai Tre , Sky TV.  Radio: Rai Radio Uno (Tornando a casa - E. Bonaccorti);   Rai Radio Tre (Battiti); RSI (Switzerland- Onde Radio),   Radio Capital (Capitalent).  


In the' 98 was delivered theirs first CD, they are also present in others CD compilations:  Gospel Explosion (2000); Tavagnasco Rock (1998), A Cappella made in Italy vol I° (2008) , A Cappella made in Italy vol II (2014). On June 2010 they delivered a specific concept album “The Renaissance Project” entirely dedicated to the European musical ferment of the XV Century. The album is available on CD (ed Preludio for Europe and HMVfor Japan) and i- tunes. One of the song  of this album,“Tourdion”, has been chosen by the “Il Sole 24 Ore” (the most popular Italian economic  magazine) for its TV and radio advertising spot.
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L’Una e Cinque

The idea of an a cappella group goes back to 1994, when some of  the members met at ensemble musical seminars held by the  Berklee School at the Umbria Jazz Festival.  The following year, the  rest of the group met up during a choir workshop held at Verona by   Jonathan Rathbone and the Swingle Swingers. That same  year,  Marco Andrioletti, who is still a member and producer, decided to  form a group taking into account a common love of choir music and   different artistic backgrounds.