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Five centuries of songs to the discovery of the voice through the a cappella  song. A guided visit, from the profane songs of the '500 to the songs nearer our  time.  The public comes accompanied in this distance with some explanation to  link each music period. The concert  will go through important sixteenth-century revisions  such as  Come again sweet love doth now invite or Pastime With Good Company, also  called The King Ballad, composed  by Henry VIII himself; from France a classic  like Tourdion completes the atmosphere of an unconventional tribute, faithful to  history but tense to contemporaneity, with executions different to the  traditional  canons of Renaissance chant,  for the style of arrangement and for the modern  interpretation.  A way to revive and understand today what 500 years ago was the pop genre.   A specific   moment is dedicated to the traditional italian  songs: "Il testamento  del capitano”  (The Captain’s Last Will) , a well-known Italian popular song,  whose musical origins date back to the Renaissance period (1528) followed by  "Serafin" a song of the  traditional Alpine repertoire  arranged by the  famous  pianist  Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli  for the  SAT choir of Trento.  There is, in addition to the spiritual-traditional  of My Lord what a morning,t he   jazz standard like  Autumn leaves of Kosma-Mercer or Lazy River by  Carmhichael-Arodin and then the pop-rock of the 1960s  of An old fashon love  song and Wake up little Susie. The concert is closed by Here comes the flood of  Peter Gabriel which represent one of the best composers of the  contemporanean pop. Various musical atmospheres but at the same time tied from the history of  music. Music by  Williams, Dowland, Gabriel, M. Drake, Kosma, Carmhichael, Bryant.  In Christmas time the concert program includes also two beautiful english  tradional songs of the sixteenth-century: "Christmas is Coming" e " A Babe is  Born", in addition to the well known "Hark di Herald Angel's Sing" and “Jingle  Bells”.
The Concert e CINQUE L’UNA
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