Who we are

Our History

L’Una e Cinque is a vocal ensemble born in Turin in 1995 from an idea of Marco Andrioletti, who was its founder, artistic producer and baritone voice. The name was inspired precisely by the end time of the rehearsals of the first team, moreover made up of six elements, including a woman and five men.

The Ensemble creates a concert repertoire of songs from the sixteenth century to the present day thanks to the collaboration of artists from different musical fields, united by the interest and curiosity of exploring the potential of vocal polyphony through the study of the most varied repertoires. With this aim, the Ensemble has dealt with various genres of music both a cappella and with instrumental accompaniment over time: from the classical Renaissance genre to Jazz, to arrive at some unpublished pop music creations.

In 2010 the album “The Renaissance Project” was released, dedicated to the copious artistic production of the European Renaissance, with songs revisited in the light of a modern vocality.

The Ensemble “L’Una e Cinque” has obtained important recognitions in the classical and jazz fields, obtaining concerts in Italy, France and Germany. In 2011, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, Una e Cinque joined the basic quintet with various vocalists, creating “Canti della Patria”, a concert of songs from the Risorgimento which included an arrangement for voices a cappella of the Inno di Mameli.


In 1997, the project took first place in the TIM, the International Music Tournament, for the Jazz category and third place among all the categories provided (over 3,000 participants worldwide divided into 13 categories by musical genre or instrument).

In the classical field, in 1999 he won the “6th competition of musical performance “Lario in Musica”

In February 2000 he obtained the diploma of honor at the International Music Tournament for the Light Music section presenting “Canzone Unica” (A. Ravizza – M. Andrioletti), an unpublished piece performed a cappella

In March 2000 the 1st prize arrives in the competition “The New Frontiers of Vocal Polyphony” of Caronno Pertusella -Varese.

In December 2007 in Rome, he received the “Voceania 2007-National Festival of the Vocal Ensemble” award for “stylistic eclecticism, capable of lofty flights of fancy. For the timbre and dynamic elegance of the vocal harmonizations. For the commitment to the dissemination and teaching of choral singing”

In December 2010 the “Gospel Jubille Award” arrives, recognition of the Gospel Jubilee Festival of Turin